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Deep-Change Law Firm is a professional law firm, founded by Mr. Gang-Zu Yang (Bunny Lawyer;Attorney Bunny). The site is located in essence of the lot in North Kaohsiung,which is at the intersection of Minghua 1st Rd.and Jhengsin St.


The Law Firm not only specializes in contentious matters, but also in real estate cases including land, pre-sale of house and property right, inheritance such as helping design the taxation planning,and insurance claims.We are proud to provide legal advisory services, appointment and action.We dedicate our professional,careful and patient legal services to meet the needs and rights of our clients.

  1. Civil law including real estate contract, inheritance, consumer protection,employment disputes
  2. Criminal law such as damages for traffic accident, mediations, litigation,criminal capacity
  3. Administrative remedies among petition and administrative litigation
  4. Medical malpractice disputes,medical law and medical action
  5. Taxation law and administrative remedies for tax disputes
  6. Examination of non-contentious contracts about shipping
  7. Administrative remedies for labor insurance and health insurance
  8. Protection of securities and futures transaction
  9. Examination of transnational business contract
  10. General legal consultation of the China region                  
ⅠCorporate counsel:working principles and main areas

1. Working principles or range mainly includes:

     1.1 Business services and business-based principle.

     1.2 Observe the principle of rule by law,and practice through the law.

     1.3 Support for the system, consultation and management

     1.4 The balance of the rights and obligations for the enterprise.

     1.5 Media, transaction processing, documents review.

2. Corporate counsel: Work:
The way it works, mainly contains the following modes:

     2.1 Phone Counseling

     2.2 Face interviews (including video conference)

     2.3 Statement examination

     2.4 Legal paper preparation

     2.5 All types of legislation information provided or counsele

ⅡCorporate counsel:detail matters or specific issuses:

1. Detail on matters such as:

     1.1 The drafting, review and witnessing of professional contracts

     1.2 Consultation and strategy for negotiations, mediations or settlements

     1.3 Advance discussion of communicative and consultative conference

     1.4 The drafting of papers, replies,or other statements

     1.5 The research of legal opinions (Include: Legacy, insurance claims, taxes)

2. The situation is more specific to this as an example, such as:
The way it works, mainly contains the following modes:

     2.1 Oral or written legal consultation and advice

     2.2 Despatch lawyer's letter or other legal attest letters

     2.3 Examine all types of contracts or legal documents, and provide advice or
simple modification

     2.4 The drafting and review all kinds of summary contracts or legal documents

     2.5 Provide the latest information at the request of the enterprise

     2.6 Participate in various meetings or communicate decree opinions at the
            request of the enterprise

     2.7 Delegate or accompany the clients for various negotiation and reconciliation,
            sign contracts with others

     2.8 Handle contracts with witness and seal

     2.9 Other matters for negotiation or transaction

ⅢThe preferential or priority of appointment,litigation and other matters:

As the appointment of civil cases(including heritage matters), criminal cases, enforcement, administrative litigation and other remedies, calculated the remuneration by every trial, but corporate counsel has another deals.

Business legal services for companies or private


  1. Despatch lawyer's letter, as legal attest letters, payment orders or cases of compulsory execution ruling on promissory notes
  2. Commercial arbitration, to help companies deal with business events, business legal analysis, professional consultation and transnational practice
  3. Business information, financial investment,real estate and other legislation information,or financial and economic information.
  4. Hypothec for auction and provisional remedies(provisional attachment, provisional injunction and the regulations of temporary sequestration)
  5. Contract drafting, modifing and witnessing or other matters witnessing .
  6. Tax planning, inheritance (including the tax relief plan).
  7. Labor disputes, labor rights and labor legislations
  8. Make a claim or agreement for mediations or settlements; consultation and agreement between the business or companies.
  9. Appointed to enforce or participate in the distribution of the proceeds from the sale of a property
  10. Agents for infrastructure development and public construction or fair trade matters.
  11. Management, business registration, audit and witness for companies

Scope of our services:


  1. Agent ad litem or advocate in the investigation procedure of criminal proceedings
  2. Pleadings written or an agent in the reconsideration of criminal procedure
  3. Setting for trail
  4. Private-prosecution agent ad litem in the court’s trial procedure of criminal cases
  5. Attendance to interrogation of the Investigation Bureau and police with clients
  6. Physical custody,bail, commit the accused to the custody and other procedures;interview with the accused
  7. Traffic accidents, hit-and-run accident or drunk driving accident
  8. Negligence hurt or manslaughter by medical practice
  9. Appointment of intellectual property or copyright in the criminal procedure